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DIY Irrigation :: Poly Fittings

Poly fittings are a group of fittings available that increase the flexibility of irrigation systems.
~ Lengths of pipe can be joined together with straight joiners
~ Elbows (right angle joiners) can be used to take pipe around corners
~ T-pieces allow offshoots to another pipe
~ End plugs can be used to close off the system
~ Reducing fittings are used to join pipes of different diameters
These examples are just some of the large variety of poly fittings you can choose from. Keep in mind its a good idea to always "clamp" all fittings together to avoid the joins coming undone and wasting water.

Poly Fittings
Nuts and Tails
5 Products
8 Products
Tees Barbed
3 Products
Tees - Reducing - Barbed
3 Products
Tees - Increasing - Barbed
2 Products
Tees (Female) - Threaded
3 Products
Tees (Male) - Threaded
5 Products
Elbows Barbed
3 Products
Elbows (Female) - Threaded
3 Products
Elbows (Male) - Threaded
5 Products
Elbows (Male & Female)
3 Products
Joiners Barbed
3 Products
Clip On Joiner
2 Products
Poly Pipe to Hose Connector
2 Products
Poly Threaded Risers
2 Products
Reducing Joiners Barbed
3 Products
Four Way Cross
3 Products
End Plugs
3 Products
Ratchet or Tube Clips
3 Products
Pipe Saddles Clamps
3 Products
3 Products
In Line Valves
3 Products
Hole Punch
1 Products
Stakes for Garden & Landscape
4 Products
Threaded Coupling
3 Products

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Teflon Tape
See details
Teflon Tape

Teflon tape is a very thin white tape used to wrap the threaded ends of pipes to improve the watertightness of a joint, there is also a another variety of thread seal tape that is pink. The pink tape which is thicker so you need less to obtain the same thickness as white.

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