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DIY Irrigation :: Popups

So much of your irrigation system depends on the performance of your pop-ups and sprays. DIY Irrigation offers and extensive range of high-performance spray heads and accessories, each specifically designed to keep landscaped areas looking their best. We stock major brands including... Rain Bird, Toro, Hunter Industries, Irritrol and Lego. Spray Type Popups are used to deliver a constant stream of water to garden beds where you require a stronger stream of water that will be less wind affected. Spray type popups replace the need for microjets. Gear Drive popups are used for larger turf areas ranging from 10 metres wide and spread their stream as fars as 20 metres wide. Gear drive units have varing sprays that are adjustable from 30º to 360º. Impacts are used to deliver larger amounts of water with larger droplets. Ideal for high wind affected areas. This includes lawns and larger garden beds. Impact units have varing sprays that are adjustable from 30º to 360º. Shrub Sprays are used for medium to large garden areas. Also suitable for windy areas, shub sprays offer a higher volume of water delivered in a shorter time. They are more durable and less prone to breakage and damage and dirty water. Shub sprays are a fixed pattern spray. Gear Drive Shrub Sprays are to shrub sprays but throw a larger amount of water. Ideal for larger embankment planting or tiered gardens. Gear drive units have varing sprays that are adjustable from 30º to 360ºs.

Spray Type Popups
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Gear Drives
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Shrub Sprays
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Gear Drive Shrub Sprays
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